Learn How To Buy Good Domains

Become a PRO and find out How To Buy Good Domains

A domain name is your digital marker. It is the one piece of marketing that you can say verbally to someone for them to explore more about you and your business. To ensure that you know how to buy good domains, it is important to make sure the following 3 points are followed.

1. Make it easy to remember.

Owning a great domain name will be null and void if your customer can’t spell it easily. Your domain name should be quick to write down, easy to remember and say what you are. If you are a bakery called ‘Dave’s Bread Shop’ then having a domain that’s www.davidnutonsonsbreadplace.com isn’t going to help. It should be to the point and easy to type. Try this one for the bread shop, www.davesbreadshop.com. Simple and elegant is what we want.

2. Make sure it’s available and nothing like anyone else.

With so many businesses and ideas online, it can be hard to come up with a domain name that’s available and unique. However, before you register a domain, see what your competitors have as a domain. You can get a great feel for how your industry uses their domain name to represent themselves. Domains are so important to your overall marketing campaign, knowing what’s out there is a must.

3. Check social media sites for available names that don’t clash.

With marketing your business online, your business needs to be branded across the internet. If you have a domain name that has nothing to do with your social media address, no customers will remember it. It should be similar if not the same. So when you buy a domain, check Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well as LinkedIn and Google for your name. See if it’s available and you will have branding synergy, more brand recognition and more customer retention.

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