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Every business has a beginning period. When you begin to see people coming through the door and sales happening, it’s a great feeling. If a business owner doesn’t take advantage of this time, they will see diminishing returns. Technodrome Digital offers services and strategy to continue your business’ growth to help you scale and sustain quality.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

With Google and other sites indexing the internet, you need to be consistently updating your website. A website doesn’t inherently generate leads if left in stagnation. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a collection for skills and techniques used to increase a website’s traffic through searches. Using content creation, website collaboration and back links, your website will generate the leads for you to convert. 

These types of services are best done on an ongoing basis, with the minimum suggested campaign of 6 months. You will start seeing results that correlate with the ongoing level of content produced for your website and referral links acquired. 

SEO is one Technodrome Digital’s most popular products as it directly effects lead generation for your business.

Change the way people and Google look at your website!

Market Research Analysis

The digital age has made it much easier to look at your competitors and compare how you are doing within market area or industry. With the tools and techniques, we have at our disposal we can gauge what is the best course of action for your advertising. Our platform tracks all of your traffic, click through rates and ‘time on page’ results, market research analysis is vital to see where you have been and to assist in planning for what elements on which you intend to focus.

Using digitally gathered information and a team, you can plot your journey to market penetration. In other words, with great information comes a more effective digital marketing campaign. 

Your business needs a marketing plan that’s unique and Technodrome Digital will design it for you.

Microsoft Teams

An effective team requires streamlined communication to monitor where you are at any given time. If you can have all your work and documents in one place that can be accessed from anywhere, how much work could you and your team get done. Since it’s release in 2017, Microsoft teams has been helping small, medium and big businesses work effectively in teams. 

Sharing documents, communication, tasks and updates are only the tip of the iceberg. Microsoft Teams being is constantly updating with new features including multi-user calls, screen sharing and much more. 

Microsoft Teams will help you to manage where your team is at, at any point in time. Technodrome Digital can help you develop the right environment for your team and help you to utilise all its features to achieve your teams’ maximum output. 

Get more effective day to day and grow with Microsoft Teams from Technodrome Digital.


Helping your business to BUILD an affordable website that demonstrates your purpose.


Implementing brilliant SEO strategies that GROW your business by generating leads.


Creating content like podcasts, videos and articles to REACH a wider audience. 


Deploying practical, SECURE team-based collaboration software that can maximise your productivity.

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