Security is extremely important for all your digital places. Make the right choices for your online presence.

Your information and personal details are important to keep secret. Your website, online communications, work storage and hosting should leave you feeling safe from prying eyes. However, with the constant growth in technology, so goes the vulnerabilities and downfalls of older, outdated systems. Not to mention websites and domains being targeted by fraud and hacking groups, holding websites hostage of late. Technodrome Digital brings expertise in the area and offers secure online and offline environments for your staff and customers through their security team. Be secure, safe and sound anytime.

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Office 365

Microsoft has moved all its applications over to a subscriptions service. However, with the move means better programs, quicker updating and more innovative applications for business. Microsoft Team, Yammer, Skype For Business and SharePoint are ‘use anywhere’ collaboration tools. They allow every member of a team with Office 365, to communicate on projects and tasks. They also offer secure storage space online for protection and easy-of-use. 

If you want to transition you work place to better more intuitive and integrated programs, Technodrome Digital will help.

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms for web design. It also helps you to create effective SEO and blogging campaigns with a few simple clicks and plugins. 

Technodrome Digital, ensure you are always up to date through monthly updates, weekly tweaks and daily security checks to make sure you are safe online.

Change the way people and Google look at your website!

Tech Support with a Human

Fixing a problem straight away when you are relying on your system to work is extremely important. When you need to get things fixed; pressing numbers or saying phrase to a robot voice is frustrating and can be pointless. Technodrome Digital has a number to call if you have a technology emergency and need assistance. They may sometimes be able to repair or reconfigure over the phone. 

Technodrome Digital is your tech support partner to call for your computer needs.

Domain Management

Domains are the life blood of the internet, the markers your browser uses to show you things. Whether it’s purchasing a new one, transferring an old one or redirecting your current one, Technodrome can help. They offer no wait time on transfer setup and minimal time for redirection (4-72hours). Once you have this sorted you can have your website with the domain name that suits you.

Technodrome Digital can help you register our newest online asset with a brand new, brand-centric domain.

SSL Certificate

Your website is a place that anyone can go to. That can mean the wrong people with bad intentions can break your site, steal your information or worse, take your customer info. This is a big issue for product businesses and business receiving their payments online. That’s why the SSL is used. 

SSL standard for Secure Sockets Layer which give your customers and visitors an encrypted connection to your site. This means that you have an add layer of security for your client. That’s a peace of mind that money CAN buy. 

Technodrome Digital can get your website secure with its very own SSL to secure the transactions onsite.

Website Hosting

Every website is hosted somewhere. It can be on the same server as other websites or have its own dedicated server that runs on for that site. Technodrome Digital give you the choice of what you need at a price you can afford. They also make sure that your server is secured from outside sources whilst making sure your client information is safe. 

Talk to the Technodrome Digital team about upgrading your web hosting today. Great hosting at an affordable price.


Helping your business to BUILD an affordable website that demonstrates your purpose.


Implementing brilliant SEO strategies that GROW your business by generating leads.


Creating content like podcasts, videos and articles to REACH a wider audience. 


Deploying practical, SECURE team-based collaboration software that can maximise your productivity.

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