How To Blog About Things You’re Good At?

Your brain is designed to make patterns, see the difference, create, analyse and calculate on both a conscious and subconscious level.

The reason we learn and do the things we choose is because of our billions of neurological pathways.

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Your personal experience and journey have taught and shaped you to be the person you are right now. It also continues to change and meld you and those around you. With blogging, not only are you communicating and teaching others, you are solidifying your own knowledge. One of the main positive outcomes of teaching others is this fact; You learn more by teaching.

Taking something that you know and turning it into a blog is therapeutic, whilst strengthening the ways you communicate and your knowledge. Let’s be META for a moment, I am currently writing this blog on blogging and at the same time I have changed sentences, structure and even the direction of this blog to make it better. Ever step I have taken to the finished product has helped me work that creative muscle.

There are a few ways to start blogging. Making sure we are keeping the self-correction to a minimum is a must. The fear of starting has stopped more people writing any type of literate more than lack of knowledge. We are our own best and worst critic and sometimes at the most inopportune times. This blog is about finding ways to create without that little voice in your head. The rest of this blog is going to focus on how to blog about things you’re good at.

I mean anytime anywhere, open your laptop, looking around, think of something and write. Once you have that ability to turn on the tap, you can do it anywhere.

Thoughts to ask yourself as you write your blog.

Know what you want to write about

A main topic to focus on may be an obvious one, but without a strong sense of direction, there is no direction. Stuck out in the middle of the word ocean, it’s easy to be discouraged. So established what you want to write about and then start.

Ask yourself a question you can answer

Just having a main topic without any off-shooting branches is hard work. Asking a few questions about the topic is key. Say you are writing about sailing. Sailing is your topic; you can ask something like;

What type of sailing am I interested in?

What is unique about sailing than other activities?

What are the places a person could go to if they are interested?

When we ask these smaller questions that are around the main topic, you are breaking it up. As a wise person once said; ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a Time’. Your topic is an elephant.

Just Start Writing

Most people try to start something and end up staring at a white page for a long time. Then they feel like nothing will ever come. This is where a writer will just start writing. Once that tap is turned on, it will flow. Be brave and start writing now.

Read Other Blogs

When I say read other’s blogs, I mean read them for topics ideas, structure, feeling, perspective (1st or 3rd Person) and flow. Remember, you are reading someone’s 1000th blog, not their first. If yours does sound like that one, only 999 more blogs to go. Don’t expect Vonnegut or Tolkien, just write. You can only get better, and you have something to say so write.

There are so many more things we could chat about in blogging, but you would be reading. My advice right now is Write. Write a blog, a poem, a song, a journal entry, a review. Just write. It’s more about the process that the words or topics. You are going to do great if you start Writing now.

… Get on to it and I look forward to reading it when you release your blog online.

Chad S.

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