Engage with potential customers, entice current ones, reignite the flame of old ones too.

A business with an established client base needs to keep themselves in the front of their customer’s minds. However, there are 3 ways to approach this; be constantly bombarding them with info onsite or online or be strategic with your contact.

Much like any relationship, there is a balance between too much contact and not enough. The amount of energy and attention to pay to each client can vary between your customer type and industries. An outside perspective can be the key to a successful engaging campaign. It can be as little as a monthly email newsletter or specific ad on social media to reach who you need to.

Technodrome Digital has the skills and knowledge to help you achieve that happy medium.

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Direct Marketing

The traditional marketing strategy almost every business employed was via billboards, outside shops, in newspapers, yellow pages and so on. With the internet being our main source of research these days, your online digital marketing needs to be working for you. 

Digital marketing includes SEO, content marketing i.e. eBooks, infographics, social media campaigns, pay-per-click, affiliate marketing, native banner marketing, automation and so much more. Not every element of digital marketing will suit every business. That’s why you need a team to work out what is worth focusing on with your market. 

Getting your brand message out to the world and your tribe with digital marketing is a sort after Technodrome Digital skill area.

The original way of direct marketing was to setup a stall in a shopping centre or knock on doors. Now that the internet is in everyone’s pockets, you can directly market to people when every they search something. There has been a huge leap forward in terms of people finding your products. Considering that the average person uses Google for searches, Social media for interacting and email for professional sustained communication, focusing on these for your direct digital marketing is a must.

Google Advertising

Google Ads are the listing items that appear at the top of Google when you search. However, they aren’t the only way to use Google for advertising. The amount of ways you can get see with the Google platform is phenomenal. Video ads, banner ads, integrated ads, shopping tabs and display advertising. 

If you want to know more about getting the best out Google for your business, Technodrome Digital will create you your advertising campaign.

Email Marketing

Newsletters, mail outs and annoying emails are where some businesses lose clients. You need to be sending your clients useful information that they can use straight away whilst also allowing them to engage. A flat email with multitudes of text is unattractive and can misrepresent your business’ feel and way of working. A great email marketing campaign consists of eye catching, engaging content that invites interaction. 

Make the most of your email list with creativity and flair from the Technodrome Digital team.

Change the way people and Google look at your website!


Helping your business to BUILD an affordable website that demonstrates your purpose.


Implementing brilliant SEO strategies that GROW your business by generating leads.


Creating content like podcasts, videos and articles to REACH a wider audience. 


Deploying practical, SECURE team-based collaboration software that can maximise your productivity.

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