How to choose the right logo design for your business?

It is important during the design of your website that you choose the right logo design. A great, visually appealing logo is one of the best starting points for any business.


Helping your business to BUILD an affordable website that demonstrates your purpose.


Implementing brilliant SEO strategies that GROW your business by generating leads.


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Deploying practical, SECURE team-based collaboration software that can maximise your productivity.

It’s a branding statement that creates interest whilst also representing what your business delivers and it’s overall feel, all in one glance. It’s truly the first thing that any customer sees so you need to make sure that you are capturing their interest.

What Makes A Good Logo Design?

There are a number of factors that go into logo design. Colour presents the overall feel of your company. The font shows the level of connectivity as well as the business’ overall personality. Having an icon or image around, in front or behind your logo adds another element to it. It can tie it all together and make the colours flow. Often if you have colours that aren’t usually seen together or used together, an icon can clarify to the eye and brain subconsciously that they work.

Where do I start with my Logo?

More often than not, logo designs in your industry capture your eye. You see your competitors’ logo and think ‘I wish I had one like that’. The best thing about logos is you can have great ones. You need to formulate your idea of a logo. These are a few great questions to ask yourself.

  1. What does your business do? What is your industry?
  2. Do you see other businesses in your industry with logos? What are they like?
  3. Do you have a prominent colour scheme in your industry that you can draw on? (ie. The safety industries have high-vis/fluro colour. Using these with black looks great).
  4. Do you use colours in your day today? Does your office or HQ have colour in it? You can use that if you want.
  5. What type of business are you? If you are a professional business, you need easily read, straight edges. This gives your business name the clean edges that represent a professional business.
  6. Do you have a prominent depiction of your industry? If you are a testing facility, the yellow and black symbols associated with crash test dummies is a great idea.

Getting the right logo design is one of the many services available from our team, for more information about logo design and web design solutions, contact Technodrome Digital today.

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