Why is Content King {still in 2019} ?

It has been quite a long time since Bill Gates coined the phrase ‘Content is King’. The phrase has still held true to its meaning even after these many years and chances are it will hold true even in the future.

Change the way people and Google look at your website!


Helping your business to BUILD an affordable website that demonstrates your purpose.


Implementing brilliant SEO strategies that GROW your business by generating leads.


Creating content like podcasts, videos and articles to REACH a wider audience. 


Deploying practical, SECURE team-based collaboration software that can maximise your productivity.

Digital marketing to date is one of the largest tools for business owners to expand their digital footprint.

The term content is used to classify any digital communication published to convey a message including but not limited to blogs, videos, infographics, case studies, eBooks, white papers, checklists, interviews, social media posts, gifs, memes and podcasts.

It is impossible to bring in the best results without the right level of quality content.

“No company is too small to participate” {in content creation}"

The main purpose for creating content is to answer a specific solution, solve a need or provide a story to the willing searcher of the content. Quality content has the capability of boosting profits for your business and if optimised correctly can help you gain the attention of the correct reader for your content.

Today, the increase in business competition due to content generation has multiplied significantly in comparison to 1996 when Bill Gates wrote the original article. This period has given rise to a range of services and skills that he had forecast many years ago including the areas of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), digital marketing, website management to name a few.

“Those who succeed will propel the Internet forward as a marketplace of ideas, experiences, and products - a marketplace of content.”

Here are some reasons why content will be King for many years to come...

Anthropologists suggest that telling stories is a key element in how we interact with other humans within our tribe or community.

Creates a recognisable brand

Quality not quantity.

Copywriting  and content production will enhance your brand if you let it. Create good quality content for your website, then tell everyone about it by posting on social media or adding a link to your FAQs {Frequently Asked Questions} section of the website or by adding it to a newsletter or by getting backlinks from other websites. Successful business domains help others to find answers, this in turn enhances your brand within your industry.

With correctly optimised content, it is possible to reach the target audience you intend to reach and thus gain more exposure to more potential clients. It helps you to develop your Digital Presence.

As your brand gets more widely recognised there will be an increased chance of attracting ‘raving fans’ to the tribe, find ways of help them to utilise your goods and services and contribute to your content in their own way. This process of incorporating ‘raving fans’ will be enjoyable for the Super-User of your product and will be beneficial Social Proof for your website.

Builds a stronger customer relationship

Content is one of the most effective ways to develop a long lasting relationship with your clients. It allows a way to effectively communicate with your customers, this is taken problems you have listened to and providing solutions to their issues. If users can find the right content that suits their requirement, they are more likely to swarm back to your website or resource bank time and time again.

Even if you’re a small business owner, writing copy for your website it can help your business to rise within your sector. When searching the web for copywriters be sure to find a team that knows how to get across an accurate message for your business. It is important the website copy team have local knowledge of your region and can write in the native language of your clientele. Once you get in touch with them, you can request them a copywriting or small business website package.

Note: remember
although the person producing content knows your business and your region their writing style will differ from you and this is okay as long as the brand of the business is considered.

Trust in business is vital to gaining and keeping long-term clients, if you write well and provide good information to people they can in turn trust and do business with your company or organisation.

Generates great leads

Leads are the life blood of any successful business, this is another reason for the rise of content marketing. It is important to help clients to understand how their ‘recognition of needs and wants’ can be meet by your brand and the content you display and convey.

The right kind of content has the ability to engage clients {grab their attention} during their ‘searching for information’ stage and can absolutely convert people during their ‘evaluation of alternatives’ stage of the buying process as you are seen to be a trusted provider of quality content i.e. so you must do business well.

Article: Understanding the Buying Process

You may have a website, it it is of no use to your business if it fails to attract potential leads from your market. There are many elements to search engine algorithms, one element of which is ‘time on page’ the more descriptive and exhaustive the information you provide potential clients the longer they stay on your page and the greater your search engine ranking improves and so on.

Increases conversion rates for your product

There are only so a restricted amount of hours in any day which you can be allocated to conversations with clients face-to-face and one-on-one, especially if are allocating some of these hours to direct selling. The power of content creation is that you can sell an idea far easier than you can sell a product. People want to buy at their own pace on their own time, when it suits them not you. The key is to be available when the client needs you, with the Internet you can be ‘open for business’ 24 hours a day.

Potential clients need to feel they can align with your business and its ethos your concentrate and can help them to evaluate your business as the product they want to purchase.

Quick Example: If you have one hundred visitors to your website per day and 2 visitors make a purchase, this is 2%. If you scale access to your content or optimise it, you may be able to alter the outcome. Maybe you increase the amount of visitors to 200 per day or pay extra attention to the content you provide and now you can reach 4% conversion. In a traditional business approach ideas could not scale at the rate of pace that you can with access to the digital marketing tools of today.

Ranks your business higher in the Search Engine results

Content production as I had to learn myself is the combination of three elements.

The language we use, the emotional tone we convey and the thoughts we provide. As a result finding the right balance is important. Some people write good content and don’t add the correct metadata in the description, they have wasted their entire article as no one will get to see it + the search engines won’t crawl the page for information that has matched the search clients are typing in. Your adversary or industry completion may have a team to support them and like any aspect of business it is important to acquire a good team. The professional support of an expert team can help you get the competitive edge you are looking for.

To continue to engage your clients and add value to their businesses, a strategic array of quality content is required. Quality content is everything on the Internet. This incorporates your website design, how your social profiles look and the standard of the video + podcasting information you distribute.

Original Essay – “Content is King” – Bill Gates, 1996

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Why content is King {still in 2019}?

It has been quite a long time since Bill Gates coined the phrase that ‘Content is King’. The phrase has still held true to its meaning even after these many years and chances are it will hold true even in the future. It is not possible to bring in the best results without the right level of quality content.

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